Didn’t win the lottery…

January 5, 2011

We don’t normally play the lottery.  But as we were driving home through New Hampshire this past weekend, we were persuaded by an eager young cashier to buy a ticket.  No one won the then $200+ million jackpot, so yesterday was another MEGA drawing…$300+ million.  Hus did the grocery shopping yesterday and came home with a ticket.  We woke up this morning to learn that we had once again NOT won.  However, someone in Idaho won and someone in Washington State won…hey, wait…I have kin in both those states…not folks I would think would buy a lottery ticket, but I’m not a person who would normally buy a ticket, either.  Hmmm…

I like to think that I would be a good caretaker of a multi-multi million dollars…but it would only work if no one knew that I had WON the lottery.  Oh, well…I can always dream…and, oh my, am I a good dreamer!

Early morning harbor

Pump in the snow

Fire keeps out the stormy cold


2 Responses to “Didn’t win the lottery…”

  1. for a buck you buy a day’s worth of hope–i think that’s what the lottery is all about…oh, and taxing the poor and down and out…

    i don’t buy a ticket regularly, but i do know when i do buy one i’m feeling particularly bad, and it’s such an obvious grasping of straws…and i usually play winfall, which typically has the smallest jackpot…i think to myself, self, I don’t want the creator to think i’m being greedy…

    crazy, isn’t it?…

  2. Al Pallas Says:

    Was that my 4.0 son-in-law and 4.0 daughter that I am reading about???? Just can’t be.

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