So dark…

December 12, 2010

This time of year, it is dark when I wake up each morning.  On workdays, I wake up around 4:30/5am in the pitch dark.  On weekends, I would love to sleep in, but even if I do, it is still dark at 7:30am!!!  My body can’t distinguish times, so I wake up at 4:30/5am on weekends, too.  Grrrrrr…

I am so much less productive in general with late fall, winter, early spring light…something about the lack of warmth that seems to enhance light.  My mind races, thinking of everything that needs to be done and not getting enough of it actually done.  Well, I guess I have that problem year round, not just in the winter darkness, but it just seems so much worse…when it is cold and/or snowy, I can’t don’t want to run outside to weed or plant or harvest and feel as if I’ve accomplished something.  And there is very little work indoors that I find appealing.  So instead, my brain just races and uses up my energy fruitlessly.  There is so much to do, I’m having trouble getting started.  I think a list is in order.

OK, time passed and I just came back and read what I wrote above.  This is a very narcissistic, whining and time-wasting post…I apologize.  Let’s see if I can do better.

We are healthy, our children are healthy, we have plenty to eat, a warm place to sleep, jobs, friends and family we love and who love us.  There is almost no holiday shopping to be done except for others, and that is already handled.  Hus just opened one of his presents early, as his old GPS died and was replaced with a new Nuvi.  I am treating myself to a bit of travel to visit my kids and my dad-in-law…best possible gift to myself.  If Santa brings anything, it will be something for the new house, as we certainly don’t need anything for this house that new carpets and paint won’t solve.  And maybe mother nature will provide me with a little white groundcovering…???


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