December 8, 2010

I had no idea that the end would come so quickly for Elizabeth Edwards when I wrote yesterday’s blog post.  I’m glad for her that it was a quick and almost certainly painless end of life.  The family is having to take care of details and deal with the outpouring of public grief, all of which makes it hard to process their own private feelings and sadness.  And how difficult it will be for the kids…their mom is gone and their world is upside down…an overwhelmingly surreal time for all of them.

Our experiment in transforming indoor/outdoor cats into indoor cats is going smoothly.  It helps that it is cold outside and these kitties are quite fond of their warm beds and always-full food and water bowls.  But poor Buddy (f/k/a Pope, a/k/a Boy Fluff), who is now around 15yo, is becoming more and more “forgetful”…he goes into the closet and then can’t remember where he is, why he’s there or, more importantly, how to get out…needless to say, he meouws a LOT!  I see him sitting in front of the sliding glass door to the deck and garden, staring out into  space…my interpretation of the stare is “I know this door leads somewhere, I know I’ve seen this before and I know I’m supposed to want something but I have no idea what that is”…or maybe there is nothing going on inside that furry old head.

Buddy - King of all he surveys...

I am my both my children’s most ardent, faithful, loving cheerleader…I am so indebted to technology for making it easier.  Nothing like prowling through my Google Reader blogs and seeing references to and photos of my daughter (who lives a long, long way away from her proud parents).  I’ll admit it, I think she is the most talented, motivated, outgoing, inspiring young woman around.  But other people feel the same way!  How cool is that?  Love you, Bug Child…

Katy and Andy frolicking in Maine


One Response to “Updates…”

  1. Katy Says:

    Love you, Mommy.

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