December 6, 2010

We are attempting to transition our three  indoor/outdoor cats into being indoor only cats.  Sounds easy, but it is proving to be a vexsome and oft worrisome process.
At our “new” house up in Maine, we are out in the midst of the woods, which are replete with foxes and fishers and other cat-devouring predators…I added foxes to the list because we saw a healthy-looking fox streak across the driveway the last time we were there.  It is just asking for a decrease in our kitty population to let them run free up there.

So, the past few days, the cats have been in lockdown…the basement window that was their window to the outside world is now locked up tight…they can still visit their favorite basement haunts, but they can’t come and go as they please outside.  Well, they are not SUPPOSED to be able to come and go outside…however, hus (who, by the way, is AT Gillette Stadium this evening to watch the Patriots v. Jets) was intent on watching his smoker full of meat (brisket and ribs) and forgot that he needed to ALWAYS close the door behind him.  Somehow, Sophie apparently slipped out last night, unbeknownst to either of us.  When I awoke this morning and realized that Sophie hadn’t visited us in the night or early morning hours, I knew something  was wrong.  Hus checked upstairs and down, no Sophie.  He called from the front and back doors, no Sophie.  I threw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie and padded barefoot across the back deck, into the backyard, calling her.  Almost immediately I heard her distinctive little meow and saw her trotting across the neighbor’s lawn, coming from the woods.  That little scamp…she ran straight into my arms and spent the rest of the day today sleeping in blessed warmth…curled into her sheepskin bed.

I think it is we who need training as much as the cats.

Mmmm...Sophie stretches...


One Response to “Transitions…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I’m glad Sophie is safe – I am in a somewhat opposite situation. Our two cats, who I had intended to keep as indoor cats, have discovered the outdoors thanks to opening the door to let the dogs in and out. In fact, one of them, who was out an hour or two, was picked up by a neighbor and taken to the Humane Society! Thank goodness he had a chip and they knew to call me! I have since ordered them collars with their names and my cell phone number embroidered in it, so hopefully a “helpful” neighbor will just call me first. I just don’t know how to keep them in when the door is constantly being opened. Good luck – you have great motivation to keep them in – hopefully they will adjust soon!

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