What happened to 2010?

December 2, 2010

I am in shock.  How can it be December of 2010?  It was just 2009 and I was having trouble remembering to write 2010…I am definitely in denial.

The weather hasn’t really been helping…the few cold days we have had have been overshadowed by all the mild weather in November…I don’t think I have ever sweated so much in November…hmmm…did I say that I sweat?

I am totally overwhelmed by the prospect of clearing out our house for sale…we have so much stuff and the house we’re moving into is tiny and furnished with items full of memories and love…I’m thinking maybe we should have an in-house yard sale…it would be a lot easier than carting all our belongings outside.  I’m also looking into donations to local charities that could put our furniture and belongings to good use.  And there is always Freecycle!  Whew!  This is the first time I have said out loud via blog some of the things that have me paralyzed.  Maybe now I can get off my duff and start actually DOING something about it instead of having a meltdown of motivation.

Let it snow…please?


7 Responses to “What happened to 2010?”

  1. Laura Says:

    You should invite all of the nieces and nephews to come go through your stuff with you!! I love the book, Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui. It helped me when I moved into my 950 sq foot “new” home.
    It took me a year, of really honing my stuff down, but when I was finished, I only had stuff that I needed or really wanted and plenty of space in my tiny house for new stuff. If you don’t have that much time, you will have to weed faster. I am really good at and wish I could help you.
    Trash, rummage, good stuff for family and friends, mending of good stuff, stuff I need, and stuff I absolutely want…. these were my categories.
    The stuff for family and friends pile helped me get rid of the really good stuff that was hard to let go of and that I no longer needed or had room for.
    I seriously recommend that you bite the bullet and do not store anything.
    It is very liberating.
    The hardest part of this is clearing the new house of things that are not you, even if they have memories. It is important to have the house you live in be functional for YOU.
    On that note, my house has started to pile up again and even though I am not moving, I am starting to feel like it is time to look again.
    Love you

  2. karen Says:

    When we had to clear out my cousin’s house after he died, I took photos of everything that we wanted to give away and sent an email to all my family and friends. I told them everything in the photos was up for grabs, first come, first serve. And then I set a Saturday for everyone to come over and pick up whatever they had said they wanted. It worked great.

  3. ragtopday Says:

    You’re moving????

  4. kim Says:

    Are you moving to the ocean home in Maine? Will you be commuting? What’s up? love kim

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