I’m in love…

November 21, 2010

We, as a family, have had a very stressful and emotional and wonderful few weeks.  Now hus and I are back to work, trying to deal with new realities and adapt to them.  I don’t know if hus heard something in my tone when we spoke on the phone or if I am just so obvious about needing…something…at any rate, I listened to his VM on my cell telling me to expect a box at home addressed to him…he said it was for me.  I will admit that I drove home with a smile on my face…I just knew what it was going to be and I was thrilled!!!  He has been pushing an e-reader on me since they came out…he knows that I am an addicted reader…I listen to audiobooks in my car and read voraciously on vacation.  I have said no, no, no, that I was a member of paperbackswap.com and got my book fixes quite cheaply, thank you very much, that libraries are free, thank you very much…somehow, though, I just knew what would be in that box.  And guess what…I was right!

A brand new, graphite-colored, latest generation Kindle was nestled carefully in the plain, brown cardboard box…and I just smiled inside and out while feeling as if I needed to cry…it was exactly what I wanted and it is almost Christmas and I love to read and it is small enough to slip into my gigantic purse but big enough to simulate a book in feel.  I know it is shallow and materialistic and venal, but it was also intuitive and thoughtful and meaningful from the man who has put up with me for 37 years (almost 36 of them in wedded “bliss”)…what a sweetie.

Now, back to watching football and reading The Girl Who Played With Fire…a really nice Sunday afternoon…


2 Responses to “I’m in love…”

  1. Katy Says:

    I’m reading TGWPWF! I’m on page 268. Hooked. Not sure yet who’s the bad guy. Or girl.

  2. karen Says:

    I’m so glad you have such a thoughtful Hubby. You’re very lucky.

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