Oh, GPS, how I love thee…

October 13, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I am spatially deprived, deficient and devoid…I have a hard time with right and left, don’t even go there with north, south, east and west.  And reading a map?  Forget about it completely.  I can get lost in places I know well.  All this leaves me terrified of driving strange places.  I have always happily been a passenger, with hus driving, because he could find his way out of anywhere…well, as long as he doesn’t ask me to read a map…did I mention that my spatial skills are sadly insufficient?

GPS changed my life forever.  My GPS goes everywhere with me.  When I flew to Seattle this summer and rented a car, my GPS was there.  When I drive to see a show in another community, my GPS leads the way.  And when I drove into Brookline for the family get-together Monday night and when I missed the turn that she told me to make, my GPS seamlessly changed course and got me where I was going, only 3 minutes late!  Ahhh…I love my GPS…

But she has no name.  Hus has always called his Betty.  I have tried to name mine, but nothing sticks.  I guess I’ll just keep trying until something sticks.

Oh, and mine likes to speak English with a variety of accents…she usually speaks with an Australian twang.  Or, when I’m feeling whimsical, she speaks French or Spanish or Dutch or German…fun trying to call up the various languages I have spoken over the years.

So, what do you call your GPS?  And what languages/accents do you prefer?


2 Responses to “Oh, GPS, how I love thee…”

  1. karen Says:

    GPS is a bad word in my business. I work for AAA. We spend our time telling people where to go! LOL

  2. Katy Says:

    So YOU are to blame for my total lack of direction! 🙂

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