Yawn…time to hibernate?

October 8, 2010

OK, I know my last post mentioned my trepidation about encroaching darkness…but really…I woke up this morning in the dark and could not make myself budge.  I rolled myself up in my comforter, scrunched my eyes tightly and tried hard to go back to sleep.  But my conscience niggled and rumbled and picked at me until I got up for my first cup of coffee.  Now back in bed, snuggled in with laptop on lap and light just barely beginning to make its way into my room, I’m already dreaming of snuggling back into my bed tonight!

A few times yesterday, I tried to grab my phone/camera to snap photos to use in my blog, but either traffic or the clumsy would-be photographer camera prevented me from getting the shot.  There was the ENORMOUS male wild turkey that strutted his stuff at the side of the road as traffic slowly rolled by.  There were the misty tall fields of grasses full of hungry Canada geese.  And, on my drive home, there were the pink and white clouds floating through the late afternoon fading blue skies.  I really am one lucky woman to see such beautiful things every day.

As I drove home from work yesterday, I began to think about dinner…I was eating solo and could NOT think of anything appetizing…tacos would be great, but it is too hard to make tacos for one…suddenly, my stomach clearly communicated to my brain that it was time for a medium rare steak and mashed potatoes.  And suddenly, nothing else would do.  Fast forward a bit and there I sat, in the bar of a steakhouse, sipping my pineapple vodka, waiting for my take-out order.  Alone in a bar…my mind’s eye suddenly panned back and up and saw this 50s woman, sitting alone in a bar, sipping a glass of booze…not a pretty sight.  I was really glad when my to-go dinner came out and I could escape back to my house and my cats…


3 Responses to “Yawn…time to hibernate?”

  1. Jess Says:

    Even if you didn’t share photos, you did a great job explaining what you did see! Really have to LOVE New England this time of year. I saw some turkeys yesterday too!

  2. karen Says:

    We saw lots of wild turkeys when we went up to Vermont this weekend…..as well as several great Blue Herons.

  3. Al Pallas Says:

    I can sort of remember my fifty’s, but the wild turkey I was seeing, was in a bottle. Good to be in my 80’s and snuggling up to a cold U.S. beer. I always knew that you would grow up in my foot steps. Those Canadian geese are here in Georgia also, but the wild turkeys don’t last long around here. Sure love #1 daughter!

    I always knew that there was a part of me in you. Except, it is a cold bottle of beer for me at dinner time. And about those wild turkeys, they would not last long here in the south. They better not even dare to gobble. Love

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