October 2, 2010

Why, you ask, am I up blogging at 6am, having already dressed, had my cup of coffee, started the NYTimes crossword puzzle, read all my email, inhaled my peach smoothie and am about to chow down on scrambled eggs…?

Wait, it is Ryder Cup weekend!  Coverage here on the east coast starts at 3am…oh, yes, hus was out of bed and dressed, downstairs watching…I watched in bed for a while, but grudgingly got up and joined hus on the couch.  I really love watching Ryder Cup golf…I like the team aspect of it…I like that there are so many good players, I’m almost never rooting AGAINST someone, but rather FOR a team.

Not sure I’m really feeling the 1800 Tequila commercials so early in the morning…an odd advertising choice, methinks…

I really like the USA’s lavender sweater vests today.

If it stops raining, I really need to sneak out and mow the lawn today…taking inspiration from the incredible Wales course which yesterday was awash in  rain and today is pristine…we are nearing the end of lawn mowing season and I want to be sure it goes under its blanket of snow in good shape.

Here’s to entertaining golf…but ultimately, GO USA!


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