Good start to the week…

September 27, 2010

This past weekend was a really good start to this week.  Mondays are always a little gloomy, because who would want to go back to work after a weekend of self-indulgence?  And it is raining…my own personal rain gauges (Sophie, Phoebe and Pope, a/k/a Buddy) came in to tell me so.  But at least I had a wonderful weekend and am in a good mood.

What was so great about the weekend?  Well, everything we did, we did because we wanted to.  I always dread our town’s annual celebration, because I have to do the booth and be outgoing and enthusiastic and pushy about our community theater group…but once I’m there, I love it. Afterwards, hus and I ate out, grocery shopped at Whole Foods (we are blessed to be able to shop there, it is expensive but amazing), came home and watched golf and college football and worked outside.  Yesterday, we rotisseried a chicken, made homemade lasagna and beet salad, watched lots of football, a little golf, worked outside and puttered.

Besides work this week, I am doing a lot of theater-related work (now that our first show of the season is cast, the BUSINESS of theater is in high gear…I need to create the first program of the year, update the website, sell ads, sign up members, sell tickets…just to name a few necessaries).

One thing I don’t need to do this week is water all the gardens…Mama Nature is taking care of that right now…


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