An early start to Saturday…

September 25, 2010

Today was our town’s celebration of itself…a parade, booths in the town park, chili cook-off and flag-waving, hand-shaking politicians galore.  My community theater group always has a booth and I always end up working the early morning shift…7:30am at the park, erecting the display racks, hanging posters, laying out pencils and forms and gearing myself mentally to perform!  Yes, I am an actor, a director…I’m used to standing in front of people and talking.  But in real life, I’m very shy…it takes a lot of energy to keep that persona up when I’m in public.  It is good energy and it isn’t phony, it is just an effort that I only become aware of after I’m “offstage”.  I worked the crowds until nearly 10:30, took a break at home, then returned at 1pm to take it all down and cart it all home again.  Because hus was such a good sport and helped me carry the folded-up display racks through the middle of town with crowds all around…we were lucky no one was injured in the course of hiking to the car…I kidnapped him and took him off for a late lunch at our little bar and grille.  Full tummies and relaxed bodies ensued (the two straight-up daiquiri I drank really helped) and we drove the back roads to Whole Foods for some freezer- and refrigerator-replenishing.  Got some beef for grinding into hamburger, got sweet italian sausage to go in the homemade pasta sauce with the homemade lasagna noodles and a chicken to roast on the rotisserie…lots of cooking this weekend for lots of eating next week!  Now we’re watching the Red Sox hopefully beat the dreaded Yankees!  I’m always a little afraid to watch, don’t want to jinx them.


One Response to “An early start to Saturday…”

  1. karen Says:

    Sounds like a great day. Damn those Yankees!

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