My back road…

September 22, 2010

Unless the weather is really fierce (or unless I’m running late), I choose the scenic drive to work.  First, I drive through country neighborhoods, past the farm and then comes autumn heaven.  I’m in New England, so of course there are stone walls everywhere…most of the farmland and meadows are bounded by them.  There are fields THICK with Canada geese who are fueling up for their long flight south…yesterday, the field looked like it was full of breaking waves from the goose-y frenzy.  Then there are the open meadows where on any given day, I might see deer or raptors or woodchucks or herons.  Yesterday, it was painted horses grazing gracefully in their paddock and a herd of cows with heads bowed into their morning meal.  Throw in the fact that the leaves are just starting to turn golden, so there are lots of leaves on the tree, with the early morning sun glowing through and it was an idyllic drive.  It definitely got my day off to a cosmic start.

Early fall

Autumn in New England


5 Responses to “My back road…”

  1. AhimsaBirth Says:

    You are so lucky. I love the way Sugar Maples look in the fall so much that I planted one in my yard. Thanks for sharing your beauty!

  2. hope Says:

    Wow. Beautiful. I’m still in denial about fall really being here. These pictures are gorgeous. Makes me kinda look forward to the leaves changing here. I love the “taking the back road” to work philosophy. I do that too.

  3. karen Says:

    Beautiful foliage! I’m in Southern NH and we haven’t seen any foliage yet.

  4. How beautiful!!! I am aching for trees to turn that gorgeous color very soon. Luck for you, you can enjoy it now. Thanks for sharing it.

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