You know summer is nearing an end when…

September 17, 2010

You know that summer is nearing an end when the bed is suddenly full of cats every night.  When it is hot, the cats like to find places to sleep in the cool basement.  But the last few days, I have awoken in the night to find all three cats curled in their various “spots” on the bed.  Sophie sleeps in the crook of my legs, Phoebe sleeps at the bottom of the bed, over on hus’ side (she especially loves that when hus is on the road ) and Buddy nestles in right in the middle.  Ahhh…I have my cats back… 

Mmmm...Sophie stretches...


Phoebe loves the picnic table in the late afternoon


Buddy - King of all he surveys...


One Response to “You know summer is nearing an end when…”

  1. […] to work after a weekend of self-indulgence?  And it is raining…my own personal rain gauges (Sophie, Phoebe and Pope, a/k/a Buddy) came in to tell me so.  But at least I had a wonderful weekend and am in a good […]

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