It wasn’t just a dream…

September 12, 2010

We’re home again…spent a week in Maine (a/k/a heaven) with the in-laws.  They have lived at least 6 months a year on the coast of Maine since 1969…for the past 5 years or so, they have lived there year round, half a year in assisted living, half a year in their home on the water.  This summer, they weren’t able to stay on the coast by themselves.  We had a family reunion back in June, with Peter’s brother and bro’s wife (visiting from their home in New Zealand), so K&J had a week on the coast.  Hus and I managed to finagle an extra week and decided K&J needed another week on the water.  I shared just a taste of the week earlier…here’s a more substantial bite of our heaven. 

Darlin' Dad-in-Law


Marvelous Mum-in-Law


Post-Earl on the rocks...


Playing in the surf

Playing in the surf


Can you see the rainbow?


How about now?


Obvious, I guess, why we think of this place as heaven...


However, home again we are…the kitties were glad to see us…and the butternut squash!  Time for some soup, I think…


2 Responses to “It wasn’t just a dream…”

  1. Jess Says:

    Love it. Looks like paradise. Soup’s on here, too!

  2. karen Says:

    Maine is paradise. Where on the coast of Maine? We love the whole coast!

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