Drip, drip, drip…

August 25, 2010

And the rain continues to fall…we are in day 3 of water falling from the sky…much better than water flowing from my garden hoses (as previously mentioned, we have a water ban and are only allowed to water our veggie and flower gardens by hand).  This also means that starting September 1, we will be allowed to water on an odd/even day schedule.  We don’t water anything but our gardens, but it will be nice to be able to put the sprinkler and drip hoses on the timer again.

This dreary and chillier weather has been a lot easier to bear than the hot hot and sweaty days that came before…just reinforces how much better I handle the cold than the heat.  Of course, in a few months, when my toes and fingers and the tip of my nose are freezing, I’ll probably look back at the heat and wonder…


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