What would you do to pass the time?

August 23, 2010

The story that broke this weekend out of Chile got me thinking…33 miners trapped underground for the past 17 days finally got a note to the surface, saying that they were all alive and safe in a rescue area.  Great news, but then stories started coming out that it would take at least 4 months to get them out…Merry Christmas, miners.

So, if you were trapped underground for 4 months, how would you pass the time?  I would hope that the folks above ground would figure out a way to get me books…4 months’ worth for me would be a library’s worth.  But, if they couldn’t get the actual books into my cave, I could make do with audiobooks piped in…the down side of that is the 32 other miners in there with me who may not share my taste in reading/listening material.

Also, perhaps they could pipe in some dance music so I could get into shape while I waited?

How would you pass the time?


2 Responses to “What would you do to pass the time?”

  1. karen Says:

    I JUST saw that on the Today show. Four months??? I’d pass the time by going insane!

  2. Laura Says:

    You are thinking about books.
    I am thinking about food and people farting:)

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