Thankful for the little things…

August 20, 2010

I am so thankful that it is almost weekend.  We have a water ban here in my hometown…the only exception is that we are allowed to hand-water our gardens.  Unfortunately, it has been too hot to do any serious watering until late night and I haven’t been able to stay awake long enough to do the long, show dousing that is desperately needed.  Plus, the indoor plants are crying out for an extra watering this week…shhh, my little plants, water is coming… 

Spider plant in cats' bathroom


Speaking of plants, the placement of our houseplants is an ongoing adventure…I tend to cluster as many plants as I can in the extended kitchen for ease of watering.  Hus, however, has a much more artistic bent and likes to distribute the plants all around the house.  Watering my house plants has become quite the adventure…like Where’s Waldo, I have to search the whole house, top to bottom, for plants in need of hydration. 

Ancient spider in our bathroom


Again, speaking of plants, I realize that I have quite the eclectic mix of houseplants.  I used to have a strong showing of geraniums, huge pots on wheels full of pink or red gorgeousness.  Hus decided a couple of years ago that most of them should be allowed to summer outdoors…after some initial carnage, we have now created a strain that is able to live outside in the summer and inside in the winter.  Then there are the spider plants…and I am such a softy, it is really hard for me to pluck off spider babies and not stick them in some dirt…that has left us with a plethora of spider plants, most of them hanging in bathrooms (?).  I have ailing african violets, a number of tropicals whose names I don’t know (we tend to rescue dying plants from stores and they are often missing their identifying tags), some succulents whose names I don’t know, a big ol’ aloe plant and some kind of ivy-ish plants that keeps growing and entwining itself around anything in its path.  And I have an enormous dracena marginata in the living room…it is so tall that I can’t reach the dead fronds, so it often looks quite shaggy…in its base is an enormous spider plant which is the result of one of my “oh, I can’t throw this baby away, let’s just put it here in the dracena for a while” moments. 

Ancient dracena marginata x 2



Baby coleus


Original geranium


Yet another rescued spider baby


This one is unstoppable!


I think I have my work cut out for me tomorrow…


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