Welcome home, troops!

August 19, 2010

The last American combat troops crossed the border from Iraq into Kuwait last night…doesn’t mean the war is over, doesn’t mean there will be no more fighting by American troops, but does mean something…so strange sitting in my comfy bed in my comfy house in my comfy suburb watching this happen.  Of course, it also takes me back to the beginning of this combat journey in 2003, I believe it was.  Hus got the call that he would be traveling to Kuwait to help produce media coverage of the upcoming movement…there was the trip to the company that made body armor, watching him getting fitted…the prescription for Cipro (in case of exposure to toxic gases, among other things)…the gas mask…the packing of the huge black suitcases designed to carry all his gear…then, he flew away.  I admit to watching TV 24/7 at the beginning…CNN almost exclusively, as they were almost exclusively covering the action…my hus wasn’t even a soldier, wasn’t fighting, wasn’t carrying a gun, was heavily guarded and cared for and was still in extreme danger…can’t even imagine what the kin and loved ones of those in the action were feeling at that time.  A few weeks later, he was home, safe and with stories to tell.  Last night (years later), MSNBC did nonstop coverage of the return of the last combat troops from Iraq into Kuwait…plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thank you to all those who fought and died and bled and suffered for the rest of us, we must not forget…


One Response to “Welcome home, troops!”

  1. Al Pallas Says:

    That is my daughter, I second your comments and as you know, I was once one of those GI”s waiting to come home. Your husband had plenty of guts(excuse the expression)to go through what he did. Tough on you too, I know. Love you. WW2 Vet.

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