Little bits…

August 12, 2010

It is a three cat morning…Sophie is cuddled in the crook of my legs as I type, Phoebe is over on hus’ side of the bed, bathing herself and Buddy is on the floor, just far enough away to maintain an air of independence.  Nice way to start the day… 

Another dull, overcast start to the day…think we’re headed for another hot and humid one…sigh…for some reason, though, the veggie garden is thriving in the heat.  Time to harvest some broccoli…can’t even begin to keep up with the peas and the asian pears.  Sad to say, no more blueberries…next to come are the grapes…can’t wait for fresh grape juice! 

The dumpster that has been living in our driveway for the past month-plus is GONE!!!!  No more trying to navigate around it when backing out of my garage!  It is the small pleasures in life.  Even more important will be when the house painters finally come and work their magic, so the downspouts can be put back up and the house returns to better-than-before. 

Last year at this time, my daughter and I participated in the Healthy Living Summit in Boston…it was a long weekend spent with healthy living bloggers (some of them young enough to be my grandchild ), full of life and fun and education and camaraderie, plus my introduction to the Blood Orange martini…mmm…well, this year’s Healthy Living Summit is being held in Chicago this weekend.  I’m not going, nor is my daughter, but it is definitely bringing back great memories…here’s hoping all you HLSers have a fantastic time… 

Here's to you, #HLSers!


2 Responses to “Little bits…”

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  2. karen Says:

    I’m jealous of all those fresh veggies!

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