My new HTC Droid Incredible…

August 10, 2010

This is for you, @jcarlin…

I have had my Droid Incredible for over a week now and I absolutely love it.  When I first opened the box and checked out the phone, I was taken aback at how small it is…I was briefly disappointed that I hadn’t gone with the Droid X.  But when I finally charged it up and turned it on, I was hooked.

The phone…the call clarity of the Incredible is…well, incredible.  I was used to the fuzzy call quality of my Storm…didn’t realize how poor it was until I made my first Incredible call.  Hus told me I needed to re-record my greeting with my new phone, because my Storm-created greeting quality was poor.  Nothing’s perfect, but the Incredible is definitely better!

The feel…it is lightweight and smooth and feels good in my hand.  It feels a lot lighter than my Blackberry Storm felt.  With the Storm, some of the function buttons on the side were poorly placed for my grip; I was constantly activating things just by holding it in my hand.

The touch…ohmy…on this aspect alone, the Incredible has it going away.  I got used to the clunky touchscreen on my Storm, but the touchscreen of the Incredible is perfect for me.  I even find I make fewer typing mistakes with my new phone…my big fingers were constantly hitting the wrong letters on the Storm.

Apps…I am taking it slow with the apps.  I did install my bank’s link, my Gmail, Comcast email, Twitter, Facebook, Mashable (thanks, @kwidrick!) and Google Earth, among others.  What I haven’t figured out yet is how to get music into my phone.

Cons…this tiny little phone is a BATTERY HOG!!!!  I’ve never owned a piece of equipment that drained a battery faster.  Now, that is all relative…I charge it when I get to work, leaving it on the charge until I have a good reason to take it off (i.e., taking a call).  Then I plug it into my computer when I do my evening online work.  But when I woke up this morning, the phone was totally dead, after having been on the charger until fully charged last night and not accessing it at all.  I’ll wager I have something activated that is causing this and at some point I will explore it.  Right now, it isn’t important, as I have a wall charger and computers…it will be that much easier when the car charger (along with a two-fer that will allow my phone to charge while my GPS is plugged in) I ordered arrives (I also ordered a case and screen protector).

All in all, I am positively enamored of this little thing.  I am actually using it more, which is what I hoped would happen.  I’m using it more because everything is just plain easier.  I’m enjoying it so much, I wasn’t even phased when I read the article online yesterday that said the IPhone is that much closer to coming to Verizon.  I don’t care anymore.

Any questions, @jcarlin?


3 Responses to “My new HTC Droid Incredible…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Oh girl, you would care if you had ever tried an Iphone:))
    I need to get one of those chargers that can do a GPS and my phone at the same time.
    When I go on an excursion, I am constantly having to decide which one is most important.
    My phone plugs directly into my sound system, so the ipod on my phone provides music and books to pass the time. Love You!!!

  2. Carol Says:

    I love my Droid Eros, which probably is out of date by now. As for killing the battery, if you haven’t, download a free program called Advanced Task Killer. All those other apps run in the background, sucking up the battery, but if you use that, you can “kill” them and it makes the battery last a LOT longer. I had the same complaint until the Verizon store told me how to use the Killer App program my DS had downloaded but didn’t bother to explain to me that I needed to really use it.

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