August 4, 2010

Yes, I know that in Little Rock and environs, it is hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk (Gillie, you know who you are), and it was only in the mid-90s in Southern New England this afternoon.  But I really suffered while strolling through the farmers market at Russell’s Garden Center  in Wayland today.  It was a smallish turnout today and we were late (3:30).  I was hoping for raspberries, but the only place with raspberries annoyed me by not allowing me to buy 2 1/2 pint containers of blueberries for her discounted pint price (she was out of pints)…it was only a $1 or so savings, but it was the principle of the thing.  She said her half pints were really bigger than a half pint, so two half pints wouldn’t equal a pint…?  I passed her right by, bought green beans, smoked Vermont cheddar cheese, a balsamic glaze  and some pea seeds before suddenly feeling the heat as if it were a hot, wet towel…sweat was dripping down my spine…I know, TMI, too gross, but it was what it was!  I tried to work through it, but when we hit the greenhouse, I almost melted right away and we left to pick up a few necessities from the Whole Foods we found .1 miles east of where we were…Whole Foods is delightfully cool (in more ways than one) and is my idea of heaven.  Fresh mozzarella was $3 a pound off, so we picked up some heirloom tomatoes to combine with the basil and prosciutto we already have at home, along with some fresh figs and brussels sprouts (we have a really good recipe and it isn’t often we find fresh figs).

Now we are home, panting like kitties in the heat, about to go pick some peas and perhaps some broccoli from the garden…if we can move from in front of the air conditioner unit…


One Response to “Hot…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Most farmers are doing their best….:)

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