Must have Droid Incredible apps?

August 3, 2010

All right, I admit up front that I have only had my new Incredible activated since Sunday midday…and I was going to wait to say anything about it until I gave it a fair try.  But so far, I LOVE IT!  The phone (which is its primary function, right?) is clear and loud enough to hear, I LOVE the clicky touch screen, the ease of viewing my apps…I’ll save the rest until later, but so far, so EXCELLENT!

However, I have discovered that it is really hard to figure out what apps to download…I have spent a long time now listening to IPhoners talk about this app and that app.  Now I have access to apps and I don’t know what is good and what is worthless!  I have WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr (I don’t think I even have an account) and Picassa…a good start…what else?

OK, here’s a really embarrassing question.  How do I get music onto my phone?  I know, I’m an old lady and I’m allowed to ask silly questions.

Thanks in advance!


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