And a productive weekend was had by all…

August 1, 2010

For starters, the weather was wonderful!  We got all our away-from-the-house weekend chores done Saturday morning, which meant we had the rest of the weekend to work outside.  Lots of weeding, in-the-garden-pea-eating, off-the-vine-tomato-plucking and soaker-hose-installation…then there was creation of a strawberry rhubarb pie from freshly-picked-from-a-farm rhubarb and strawberries, the rotisserie roasting of a plump chicken, the oven roasting of broccoli which had just hours before resided in our own garden (and my baby sister was right, broccoli keeps showing up on the plant even after the main head has been harvested)…followed shortly by the consumption of copious amounts of said chicken, broccoli and strawberry rhubarb pie.  YUM!

We had a really long, dry period of weeks in July which prompted a town-wide water ban and which left the lawns in our community brown and ugly.  The only things that flourished were crabgrass and other opportunistic weeds.  After a few weeks of not having to mow the lawn, the weeds were out of control, so I hopped on the mower and tamed them.  Hus played Dr. Death with the icky weeds that grow through sidewalk cracks and off the curb and with the last vestiges of the poison ivy that lurk in our bark mulched baby forest.

AND, I FINALLY copied the information off my Blackberry so that I could activate my new HTC Droid Incredible…the name of the phone, Incredible, is more than a bit pretentious, but I LOVE the phone.  The touch of the touch screen is much more responsive and there is a satisfying little click as I type.  I haven’t fully explored the realm of applications, although I did download the Facebook and Twitter applications.  Fun today and fun to come…I LIKE!

Sigh…I wish this weekend could last another day or two…


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