July 29, 2010

As an actor, rejection is my occasional companion.  It is no fun, it never gets easier, but if I am to pursue my craft, I need to be ready for it.  Sometimes, it is devastating…missing out on a part that I really want is like a kick in the gut…maybe I’m not the actor I think I am, maybe I’m not good enough, maybe they didn’t like me…rejection can engender potentially crippling self-doubts.  Then there are those times that rejection seems more like a message…I didn’t really want to do this show, something better is coming my way, just auditioning was good enough.  But what I really want to know is what is it in me that intentionally puts me into the path of almost certain rejection…wouldn’t I be smarter to aim for goals that are easier to reach and less painful for my psyche?

Excuse me while I go prepare for my next audition…what is wrong with me?


One Response to “Rejection…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Have a good time, my sweetness
    Kill them dead, my lioness
    Be in yourself, you who are everything

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