Oh, what a beautiful morning…

July 26, 2010

After a long stretch of 80s and 90s and sweltering humidity and wilting plants, we are looking forward to the next two days, when the humidity is supposed to drop precipitously…ahhh…

Garden update:  Last night, I made a salad of homegrown cherry tomatoes and basil with mozzarella, radishes, pasta and balsamic vinaigrete…it is marinating and will make a yummy summer meal tonight.  This followed the HIGHLY successful macaroni salad we enjoyed all last week, thanks to hus…both thumbs up!!!!  We harvested two more bunches of broccoli, leaving two more plants left to harvest later.  Since it looks like the major portion of broccoli is gone once the main head is harvested, we are going to pull up the broccoli after harvesting and plant something else.  We rescued three more scraggly eggplant babies from a nursery on Saturday and will be planting those and the leeks in empty spots.  Peas are going strong…time to spend some time every day in the pea patch munching.  The cauliflower and brussels sprouts plants are enormous…no “fruit” yet, but they all look healthy and happy.  Harvested two peppers as a form of thinning…lots and lots of baby peppers are crowding each other on the plants.  Beets look great, red cabbage looks a big pathetic, but I’m not giving up on it.  Only straggler raspberries left; blueberries are starting to purple; looks like we should have a really good harvest of grapes and asian pears again this year.

Due to the withering heat and humidity, our lawn looks awful and fried…the good news is that we haven’t had to mow in weeks.


One Response to “Oh, what a beautiful morning…”

  1. kim Says:

    Don’t pull them up!! Our broccoli kept providing flowers after the main one was picked. They were small but tasty 🙂

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