Picking paint…

July 19, 2010

Yikes!  It is so hard to pick a paint color.  When the repair work under the clapboards and all the trim is finished, we’re having the house painted.  The clapboard siding will be one color of Sherwin Williams Woodscapes latex stain, with the trim another color of Benjamin Moore paint.  I keep using the “color selectors” on their websites, but the choices are ENDLESS.  Right now, our clapboards are a grey-ey blue and the trim is a grey-ey brown…we really like it and will, I’m almost certain, stick with it.  But what if we are just being stodgy and boring and unimaginative?  What if our neighbors and those who walk, run, skateboard and drive past our house think “why did they pick THOSE colors AGAIN?”

OK, think I’m done with color looking for the night.  I’m all colored out.


One Response to “Picking paint…”

  1. karen Says:

    It’s funny cause when we re-did our living room, we had more angst over the paint…which cost $100…than over the wood floor, which cost $500!

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