Weed, weed, weed…

July 17, 2010

It is Saturday morning and I have already spent over an hour weeding gardens in the sweaty, early morning heat.  Yesterday, hus tilled the veggie garden and we hand weeded among the plants.  It is looking great…so far, all we see is broccoli and peppers in there, but the cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and beets are showing lots of healthy leaves.  Hopefully we’ll have peas soon to go with our bounteously-producing cherry tomatoes.  This morning I was weeding among the daylilies and spruce babies, tons of grassy weeds that have long, complicated root systems, so satisfying to pull.  Unfortunately, the more I weed, the more it looks like I need to weed!  Too hot to weed anymore today until early evening.

So, how does one know when it is time to harvest broccoli?

Part of the reason for the early weeding today is an early visit by our friendly local electrician (I needed to get out of the house to keep from asking questions).  Our house is still being rehabbed on the outside and something went wrong with some of our electrics…a few overhead lights and a wall outlet or two mysteriously stopped working…so far, so good…he thinks he found where it went wrong and says all is now fixed.  Yes!  I’m really enjoying working with local contractors…good to eat local produce, good to utilize local resources.  Thanks, Mr. Local Electrician!

I’m stating this here so I am motivated to actually accomplish it…I have a huge pile of clothes and blankets and other things that have piled up during the chaos of having a house worked on…I have meant to deal with it, but have been just too tired.  I WILL deal with the pile this weekend and I WILL start the new week with an uncluttered surface.


One Response to “Weed, weed, weed…”

  1. Hope Says:

    I admire you weeders. It just frustrates me that they are never all gone. And, it’s just waaaaay too hot out there this summer. I think you need to focus on how busy you stay and how much you do accomplish rather than worrying about the shoulda’s and I meant to’s…just saying Miss Lynna!

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