She’s baaack…

July 14, 2010

The party’s over and day-to-day life begins again.  What a wonderful, unplugged vacation I just celebrated.  I just spent a week outside of Seattle, helping put on a wedding!  I can’t even begin to share all that went on…my cousin lives on a farm with cows, sheep, a goat, compost-eating chickens (including the ugliest bird I have ever seen, a turken), berries of all Pacific Northwest sorts, an all- consuming garden, a hoop house full of flowers and other plants, a sweet, big border collie named Charlie and an indoor/outdoor cat named Splotchie.  One of her daughters wanted to get married on the farm and did all the planning and organizing and successfully conscripted cousins and aunts/uncles and Grammy and Grumpy to help mom, dad and her sibs to:

My generation and older:  (a) wash the craigslist table settings and mason jars for 130; (b) prep 2 salads for 130 (apple, raspberry, pecan, mixed greens with homemade raspberry vinaigrette, and Moroccan carrot ginger salad from scratch); (c) slice 18 loaves of amazing foccacia; (d) cut up lemons wedges for the salmon and lemon and lime circles for the bartender; and more…the guys and the next generation down set up tables and tents and chairs, dug a fire pit and a hole into which to raise the Mid-Summer Pole (Swedish mum-in-law’s contribution), constructed and decorated the Mid-Summer Pole and more…it was truly a family-created wedding.  All went smoothly until the wedding party was ready to march into the wedding venue, the open field full of chairs beyond the dining tent…suddenly, the sky opened up and it poured.  We all scrambled, moved tables in the dining tent and held the wedding there.  It was a beautiful, sentimental wedding, full of song and promise and most of us wept.  Afterwards, we ate freshly grilled salmon and salads and wedding cake, raised and danced around the Mid-Summer Pole and danced ’til we dropped to the band that had to set up in the barn to get out of the rain.  All in all, a fun night was had by all.  The next morning, we began the clean-up and break-down…it took two days, but it all got done.

So, that was what occupied me the first half of my stay…more to come!


One Response to “She’s baaack…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    Welcome back! This wedding sounds amazing!

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