A first…

July 14, 2010

At the end of my Seattle area stay, I grabbed a day and night to catch up with my best friend and college theater rival (she got all the parts!)…I dropped my rental at the airport, she whisked me away in her mighty Hyundai and carried me off for a day of amazing indulgence.  We started at a spa…but it wasn’t just ANY spa…the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood is a woman-only facility…”Olympus Spa has successfully merged the Eastern medicinal techniques and Western relaxation techniques to create a total health conscious spa.”  Can we get a “MY, YES!”  ???  It was heaven from beginning to end.  We got naked, spent over an hour soaking in pools of varying temperatures (104 degrees down to the 60 degree pool with waterfall), then submitted ourselves to an hour-long body scrub.  Then, we wandered through the “Earth Energy rooms”, variously sweating in the Charcoal, Salt and Mud/Jade rooms and cooling in the Chill room.  A thoroughly decadent and incredibly relaxing experience that I would recreate in a heartbeat!  There, now, didn’t I sound like an advertisement?

We left the spa STARVING and headed out to a restaurant my friend really wanted to share…unfortunately, they closed between lunch and dinner and all we could get were drinks (me, cosmo made with Absolut Mandarin, her, dirty martini with Polish vodka) and bread.  Later, we set out for West Seattle and the beach, where we dined at a table on an open window to the ocean…had the best burrito I have ever eaten and was very happy.

Next stop was where my friend calls home…let me just say that she has the most amazing gardens.  Her little house is surrounded by color and life and is shared with her three black cats who accompanied us on our tour.  In the backyard are contiguous little gardens, each different…a fountain sculpture, stone paths, flowers, trees and herbs and veggies…then there are the roses…oh, my, LOVE the roses.  In front are more trees and plants and paths and roses.  Heavenly.  I did get a chance to meet some of her favorite neighbors (including the two women who live across the street and who let their take-out Chinese food cool for three hours as we sat in their garden yak yak yakking).  A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening.

The very best part was being able to catch up with my friend…I’ve known her almost the same amount of time I have known my husband (translates to forever!) and we have lived most of our friendship in different places on opposite sides of the country.  It doesn’t matter how long we go between visits, it is an amazing connection that seems to thrive on distance and memories…amazing and wonderful, I calls it!


One Response to “A first…”

  1. Hope Says:

    I am glad you had such a wonderful time. Somehow many of the books I’ve read in the past year have taken place here and what you are describing sounds just like what the authors have written. Beautiful!

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