“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”…

June 25, 2010

What a week…the wonderful hus finished the first coat of paint of the kitchen…looks GREAT, but we’re going to go ahead and put the second coat on just because.  Methinks this will be a weekend project finished while watching/listening to soccer.

Speaking of projects, what started out as replacing some dilapidated wood trim on our big, not-so-old house has turned into an emergency refi, dumpster-in-the-driveway, scaffolding-around-the-house replacement of LOTS of things…we are once again shaking our collective fist at Jack, the gent who built this house (along with most of the houses in our neighborhood)…if there was a corner to be cut, he sliced and diced it.  And because it took us so long to sell our old house, we didn’t have a lot left over for an inspection of new construction, something that I would insist on in the future.  Who knew that underneath the pretty on the outside lurked ugly rotten?

Then there are the gardens…hus has lovingly tended the veggie garden and it is currently weed-free…everything is growing satisfactorily.  We planted garlic and a lone hot pepper in the veg garden and lettuce in a window box on the deck yesterday and will plant the baby bay leaf and lemon grass in pots as soon as we get new potting soil.  The celery we planted on a whim is the only thing that has been really slow to grow…it really wanted to be planted indoors early and then transplanted outside.  Oh, well.  He brought home a new rosebush, too…now we have a beautiful pink and a climbing yellow (that he brought home earlier this week) to plant.  The young woods/forest/mulch area is in need of some serious weeding, an ongoing project, made more dangerous by the seemingly unkillable poison ivy that crops up here and there.  And that pesky lawn is growing so fast I can’t keep up.  I just mowed on Sunday and by Wednesday, it needed it again…by the time I actually get to it this weekend, the mulching mower will have a tough time dealing with the cuttings.

Then there is the makeover of my theater group‘s website, advertising and publicity plans, membership and ticket sales blah blah blah that I need to coordinate YESTERDAY…so far behind…hopefully our new Board will spring into action and supply the energy that has been missing in my life lately.

I think that’s enough on my plate for one weekend.


One Response to ““The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”…”

  1. Laura Says:

    Must be something in the air, I am insanely and most complicatedly busy at work. I am letting the home front slide but Erin is coming for a few days starting tomorrow and I am pleased about that.

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