The boy is home…

June 19, 2010

Got home from work yesterday and started to get the guest suite under control…the geraniums and some of my herbs occupy the guest suite in the winter and I never got around to cleaning after they left for their summer homes.  We swept up the dead leaves and dust bunnies, put fresh sheets on the bed, scrubbed the toilet and sink…ahhh…then…

We were suddenly confronted with the fact that our house is in total chaos!!!  The carpenter is replacing rotten sills and corners outside and we are a graveyard of icky wood waiting to go away when the job is done.  The kitchen floor is now clad in a neutral beige-y vinyl, the walls are taped for painting a warmer beige-y white and everything that WAS in the kitchen is now in the living room and the dining room.  And this is the home my boy’s girl is going to walk into Sunday night.  Thank goodness we have met before AND she has seen our always crazy but not usually this crazy house before.

Boy arrived safely last night, we all had a good night’s sleep and started offBoy our day with a yummy smoothie.  I’ve got most of the trim done, will do a second coat and maybe can even start the walls before the day is done.  The boy and the hus are off to the American Craft Beer Festival later today and will be leaving me to my own devices…dangerous!  Oh, and did I mention that the lawn needs mowing and it is really hot and sweaty outside and I can’t be in hot and sweaty for very long without getting sapped…

Oh, and did I also mention that the boy is a baker (The Red Hen Baking Company) and he is making me a loaf of bread right now????  He’s going to show me his folding method and how wet my dough should be and other secret baker tips…I’m happy…

OK, off to paint trim and smell bread dough and enjoy this beautiful day.


One Response to “The boy is home…”

  1. karen Says:

    So nice when the kids come home, eh?

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