We just keep swimming along…

June 9, 2010

OK, if my rantings about our preparation for this weekend’s community theater festival bore you, don’t read further.  My life is EMACT prep driven these days.  We are down to the nitty gritty of technicalities.  We have 60 minutes of performance time available to us.  Sounds easy enough, but we are talking about taking a play that performed two months ago for nearly 2 hours and slicing and dicing it down to one hour without losing the integrity of the characters AND damaging the overall artistic vision of the playwright (in this case, playwrights).  I think we have done a great job, but we are still just a teeny bit over, timewise.  Time to take the slashing pen to the script to attempt to excise only that which is not absolutely integral to the whole.  And the countdown continues…tomorrow I pick up our rental truck, we have our final dress runthroughs and then load the set into the truck.  Friday, I’ll drive the truck to Groton and LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! 

I love the water!


Old lady butterfly


Dixie girls at play


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