Wildlife madness…

June 4, 2010

It definitely isn’t a full moon…according to the Moon Phases calendar, this is the last quarter…but I have been seeing little animals running across streets way more often lately than normal.   This morning, on my way to work, I saw lots of squirrels, a chipmunk and a bunny before I got halfway there.  Good thing I watch out for wild things, because they weren’t watching out for us!!!

Later on in my trip to work, as I approached the swamp with the heron nests, there were no adults perched on top…but I did think I saw the very top of a head or two, which made me think moms are sitting on eggs.  Tonight, there was a big, flapping heron just about to land on top, so I’m thinking it was dinner time for mom or moms.

And those photos of birds drowning, choking, coated with oil…unspeakable…


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