Summer storms…

June 4, 2010

Mother Nature watered my gardens again last night…for that I am VERY grateful.  It is foggy and gray this morning, which I hope foretells a cooler day.  The worst news, though, is that it is supposed to rain all day Sunday, the day we are set to move our set from one of our actor’s living room into our rehearsal space…no plans to rent a covered truck for the move, because we have NO budget for this EMACT adventure, so we will be improvising like crazy.  Still trying to rent a truck for EMACT weekend, to get our set there on Friday and back again on Sunday…sigh.  Oh, and I guess it would be good to work on my lines…yes, we did perform this a couple of months ago, but we are doing a one hour cutting and it is not always easy to rewire these aging brain circuits to move smoothly through this new version.  Kudos to one of our actors, who will be just coming off the starring role in our production of Nuts, which closes tomorrow night…oh, to have a young, agile memory again… 

Speaking of watered gardens, our beautifully tilled veggie garden is still sitting there, unplanted.  This summer seems to be running away without me and too many things are being left undone.  Hus is on his way home from the family vacation I was part of for the long weekend, so we will figure out a way to get it all planted tomorrow, before I have to leave at 2pm for the technical workshop for EMACT (an hour away from home), and after 2pm on Sunday, when I get home from our EMACT rehearsal.  Oooohhh…methinks I’m complaining too much about things for which I volunteer!!!  Time for a mindset change. 

Here are a couple of photos of past years’ veggie gardens…here’s hoping for another successful planting this year… 

July 2005, beets for hus

Baby pepper July 2005


One Response to “Summer storms…”

  1. Kim Says:

    Lynna, those beets look so good. You just inspired me to plant bunches of those. By the way, our garden isn’t planted either. We do have some stuff in pots but the weather keep going crazy here. hugs

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