A thunder chaser…

May 27, 2010

Yesterday was another really hot, sweaty day, building on the hot, sweat day of the day before…I turned on the air conditioner in our bedroom a couple of hours before bedtime and it was still unbearable…one of those nights where you just lie as still as possible because any movement generates drippy sweat rivers…where the sheets become sweat-dampened, but warm damp, not a nice, refreshing cool damp…then, as the Sox romped to a wonderful win and the Celtics wimpered home after a crushing loss, I started to see flashes of light behind the window blinds…the flashes grew brighter, then came the thunder and the sound of rain pelting against the windows.  YES!!!  If nothing else, the gardens got watered and the heat dipped considerably.  By the wee hours of this morning, I was finally able to pull up the sheet and comforter and snuggle in…ahhhh…

Speaking of gardens, I think today is the day the veggie bed gets tilled…another big YES!  We won’t be able to plant until next week, but this is one huge step forward.  I can’t wait to come home tonight and tramp through the freshly tilled earth in my bare feet…


2 Responses to “A thunder chaser…”

  1. AhimsaBirth Says:

    barefoot in dirt
    I am glad that we both know that joy

  2. karen Says:

    I was happy for the rain to wash all the yellow pollen off my car. I hope that rain cools things off for us.

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