Now there are two :{

May 19, 2010

When I drove past the heron nests yesterday morning, I immediately knew something was different.  Monday night, there were three nests in the tree tops.  Yesterday morning, there were only two.  There were still three birds, but one was sitting on the branch of the tree where had sat the third nest.  I am very sad…there is nowhere to pull over as I drive across the swamp, but I haven’t been able to spot any nest wreckage down on the ground.  Hope there were no babies in the nest yet.  Wonder what happens to the heron that would have had a clutch full of baby herons in the nest?


2 Responses to “Now there are two :{”

  1. karen Says:

    oh…… sad! I hope they’re all okay.

  2. AhimsaBirth Says:

    Don’t be sad

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