Week-END, Week-END…

May 17, 2010

I know I repeat myself, but I really do LOVE weekends…this one was no different.

Saturday morning early found my friend Deb and me on the road in my trusty seafoam green convertible, headed out into the country to EMACT Festival Open House.  Not only were we there to survey the performance space and the technical aspects, but, more importantly, we were there to pick our performance slot.  There are 11 slots to fill over 4 sessions (Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon).  First, they determine the order in which our applications were received by the Festival Stage Manager (Rachel, she is WONDERFUL!), and in that order, we chose numbered chips from a bag.  Lowest number gets first choice of time slots and upwards it goes.  We came into this with a problem…Deb is one of the actors and will not be available for any of the Sunday slots…so it was really important that we pick a low number.  We were number 6 as to receipt of application, so we waited with ‘bated breath while #s 1-5 chose their chips.  At the last Open House, I chose chip #1…we were ecstatic, as we had also managed to choose chip #1 at the last Open House we attended prior to that.  As Deb clutched my arm, I thrust my hand into the bag and pulled the first chip I felt.  #1!!!!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we had once again managed to win first choice of performance slots.  I am happy to report that we will be performing in the first slot on Saturday night, June 12, 2010.  Yes, m’am…we also found out that there is a projector and screen available so we don’t have to schlep our own.  To celebrate, we drove all the way home with the convertible top down, wind blowing our giggles out and about.  Now we just have to put this all together with our cut script (we are only allowed 10 minutes to set up, 60 minutes to perform and 10 minutes to strike the set, so the 2 hour script needed to be trimmed) and our revised set (we will be performing on a MUCH larger stage, so we have scenery options that were not available to us when we performed this in our home performance space).  Such an adventure!

The rest of the weekend involved reconciling checkbooks for one of my jobs, creating and eating another award-winning homemade pizza (carmelized onions, sundried tomatoes, garlic, pepperoni, mozzarella, blue cheese and chicken on his side, then all sprinkled with a touch of parmesan) and some work out in the gardens with hus and the cats.  Early to bed was important, as both hus and I had early alarm clocks this morning.  And so another wonderful weekend comes to an end.


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