What am I missing here?

May 12, 2010

Watching “Morning Joe” this morning on MSNBC, I was stunned to hear that the Wall Street Journal’s publication of a cool photo of SCOTUS-nominee Elena Kagan wielding a softball bat (using excellent batting form, I might add) gives off some subliminal message of her sexual orientation.  Excuse me?  Who among us has not swung a softball bat on occasion?  I have a stunning photo of my hus swinging the bat at a college pick-up game…the only thing it told me was how skinny he was when he was younger and what a great action shot it was.  What is wrong with people?

I haven’t commented on the weather lately…thought I did a pretty good job of complaining over the last few months.  However…it is now May 12th and we had to turn the building’s boiler back on this week because the temp in our offices didn’t get above 60 degrees…brrrr…the fun part was traipsing down to the deep and dusty basement of our building, in the dark, through the dust bunnies and dank, spider webs and uneven floors to the hulking old boiler…flip two switches and an hour later, our offices were at a much more comfortable 68 degrees.  Whew!  Now I just have to remember to go back down there and power it all back off once warmer weather comes to stay.

Breaking news this morning was of a Libyan airliner crashing upon landing, leaving (at this time) only one survivor, an eight year old Dutch boy.  Can you imagine going through life knowing that you were the only survivor of a catastrophe?  How would that impact the rest of ones days?


One Response to “What am I missing here?”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I fail to see how Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation is relevant in any way! There is an article in today’s Slate that talks about it too: http://www.slate.com/id/2253637/ comparing her sexual orientation to Robert Bork’s views on religion. I think people are way too interested in what other people do in the bedroom.

    That poor little boy has a tough road ahead – I hope he has lots of love and support around him!

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