Satisfying Saturday…

April 24, 2010

We had a nice Saturday…we had originally talked about painting the kitchen today, but when I awoke, I knew it was not a painting the kitchen kind of day…much too beautiful.  We ate breakfast out (I had eggs Benedict with tomato slices and he had country Benedict [biscuit, country gravy instead of english muffin, Hollandaise), picked out our new vinyl flooring and signed up for measuring by the installer (the builder’s grade vinyl flooring that came with the house back in 1995 is starting to lift) and cooked ourselves a really yummy dinner (pork medallions with apricot mustard sauce, multigrain mix and steamed carrots) with a couple of glasses of Layer Cake Shiraz (yum…not as rich as some, but so smooth and very little after burn)…me like.

I also did quite a bit of weeding, on and off…the daffodils are blooming, the tulips are just beginning and the lilies were crying out for attention before they grow up…they are calling for rain tomorrow, but somehow, we need to get the lawn mowed (mown?)…it is scary tall already.  Oh, and I FINALLY found some asparagus starting to come up…I was worried that our asparagus patch had worn itself out…nope…we found two stalks yesterday and four today…the grapes and raspberries are starting to get flowers, even though I haven’t pruned them yet (oops!).  Oh, and we bought two big hanging pots of pansies…we need lots more, but it is still pretty cold sometimes, so I don’t want to buy them all and have them die on me.  The pansies I got today were in beautiful shades of maroon and cream and pinky-taupe…the plant place guy almost wouldn’t let me take them home…he kept telling me, over and over, that they needed to be well-watered, that I should water them a lot and that they would need LOTS of water!  I felt like an adoptive kitten candidate…will they think I’m good enough?

Oh, and while I was weeding, I had kitty companions…they love to follow me outside, leaping and cavorting in the sun, then hiding in the bushes and mulch while I work.  They are so cute…


2 Responses to “Satisfying Saturday…”

  1. Gillian Says:

    You’re going to make me inadvertently invite myself over to dinner at your house the way you describe your food all the time! Also, you’re going to make me inadvertently buy a ticket to see how pretty your place is! 😉

    Somewhat related, despite the fact that you found yourself lacking of video camera as of late, I’d still love to have you and the hubs over for dinner sometime! I haven’t yet made anything that sounds nearly so good as what you two make, but I know a very tasty cranberry chicken recipe, and I have a handful of cookbooks that would be collecting dust if they weren’t in a drawer and thus protected from the dust. Let me know a weekend when you’re both available (not May 21-23, though ’cause we’ll be out of town…hehe)! 🙂

  2. Lucas Says:

    How nice to have that kind of help in the garden. We get two big dogs that will generally break a few of whatever we just planted within a few days! If you ever need that kind of assistance, we can arrange a trade 🙂

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