Earth Day 2010…

April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, all!  While I don’t do nearly enough, I recycle, I compost and I try to be aware…baby steps…

Ticks!!!  How is it we already have ticks????  I hate ticks!!!  Our three cats enjoy the out of doors on occasion, so I know we are just inviting ticks, but….if we are seeing ticks this early in the season, what does this bode for summer?

I wonder what is attracting all the birds to our neighborhood…we don’t have a lot of old trees in our yards (the builder almost clear cut our neighborhood before he built), though we do have woods all around us.  For the last few weeks, the early morning is flooded with bird song.  I like it.

Do you think it is arthritis that is making my fingers sore from weeding or could it be that my fingers are out of shape and ache from overuse?<G>

My to do list is growing quickly because I don’t seem to be crossing much off.  I think I need to focus on actually getting things done, instead of just thinking of them.  But not today…today is two jobs and rehearsal, so not much time or energy for more…

Debating whether to replace slightly leaking washer (manageable leak, washer was already ancient when it came with a house we bought in 1987) with new, energy-efficient washer under the Appliance Rebate program that starts today…$150 back for a qualifying purchase…$6million program, good only as long as the money lasts.  But we will be downsizing within the next couple of years and will have no need for a washer or dryer where we’re going…hmmmm…can we nurse this fine old machine along just a few more years??


3 Responses to “Earth Day 2010…”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Just as an FYI, all that $6 million is gone…was gone by 12-something in the afternoon, Joe read. Guess everyone had the same idea you did, considering even the “backup” money was part of that. :-\

  2. heidilou Says:

    Did you get a new washer? What are you downsizing plans? Where are you going that you won’t need a washer? When is this going to happen?

    I’ve got a new blog now at

    • starstruk Says:

      No, the rebate money (which was significant) sold out in a few hours…so we decided to wait. Besides, we’re getting our kitchen floor redone (vinyl to vinyl…old stuff is 15yo), some carpentry done on the clapboards and then painted…ouch, expensive!

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