Wacky week…

April 21, 2010

So, as mentioned earlier, Monday was Patriot’s Day/Marathon Monday…a day off work.  Yesterday was back to work day, a Tuesday that felt like Monday…I was so confused about today that is Wednesday and even more confused about tomorrow that is really Thursday.  I knew the window washers were coming to wash the office windows on Thursday, but because I lost Monday, I forgot that tomorrow is Thursday!<G>  I’m so confused.  ACK!  Means I have to move everything away from the windows first thing tomorrow.

My boss pushed me out the door a half hour early today, making me promise that I would spend my bonus time outside.  So, I did.  As soon as I got home, I donned my sneaks, grabbed my husband and took us on a walk through the neighborhood…a nice stroll and a look at what the neighbors’ plants and shrubs are doing and doing some marveling that the rains that flooded our area a few weeks ago have left streams still too high and streams where no streams existed before…wonder if that means lots of mosquitos this summer?  I also got some weeding done…now is the best time of year to extricate the grass from the lilies…don’t know how it happened, but when we planted the lilies, I guess we didn’t get all the grass and weeds eradicated.  Each spring, we get a healthy crop grasses that entangle themselves in the base of the lilies.  If I wait too long in the season, the grasses are too hard to get out.  It is getting to be too late in the season…


One Response to “Wacky week…”

  1. karen Says:

    How nice of your boss to set you free. And what a good girl you are to follow his instructions.

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