April 16, 2010

I feel so wicked…I haven’t filed our 2009 tax return yet…we live in one of the counties hit with massive flooding a few weeks ago and our filing date was extended into May.  I have the return done, but we owe money, so I decided to keep accruing interest on what I owe until it is REALLY due…makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong…

The last few days have been nice and light for my morning commute…not warm enough for top down, but definitely windows wide open while taking the back road that leads me through pastures, over streams and bumping across horrid, pot-holed country roads…I only take the back way when the weather is good, because those roads are not happy places to be in the winter.

The herons have been gone for most of this week…I saw one sitting atop the trees on Monday, but nothing more the rest of the week.  Maybe they were just making sure the nests were still there and were ready for populating?  Can’t wait for them to come back.

My husband said it best…we don’t need a weatherman to tell us what it is like outside, we just pet a cat…the two girl cats always check in in the early morning…this morning, both had very wet coats…I won’t bother doing anything with my hair this morning, it will have a nice wave to it no matter what I do!

Friday, wonderful, welcome Friday…AND a long weekend for us…Boston Marathon on Monday and they run right past my office window…my wonderful boss lets me use that as an excuse not to work on Marathon Mondays…

Speaking of Marathon Mondays, there is one which will live with me forever…on Monday, April 20, 1998, I was awakened in the wee hours by a phone call from my then-boss’ wife…I had worked for 10 years for an attorney in solo practice…that morning, she wept as she told me that he had suffered a massive heart attack and died a short time before…changed my life in so many ways…he was a dear, generous and eccentric man and I still think of him with fondness.  As a housewarming gift when we moved into our new house in 1995, he gave us three trees INSTALLED!  A katsura, a crabapple and a blue spruce…all well established and all planted for us…a HUGE treat, since we have lots of rocks underneath our property.  Thank you, Wil!

Have a GREAT weekend, y’all!


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