Hump day…

April 14, 2010

Crazy week so far…adversity at work brought out the best in me…and that made me very happy.  I have always prided myself in being the ultimate assistant…I am the oldest of four girls, with my youngest sister being born when I was under 5…I was my mother’s assistant all my life.  I have worked as someone or some organization’s assistant all my life.  Lately, I haven’t been able to depend on my instant recall as I’ve depended forever…I can’t answer things off the top of my head anymore…I can’t remember what I said or did a week ago.  Then something happens, I shift into semi-crisis mode and it all comes back.  Made it worth getting through those no-so-impressive days.

My theater group is holding its monthly board meeting tonight and, as circumstances have dictated, we will be a small group of women…I’m really surprised that the men in the group are going along with this, as we need to pick our season in the next couple of weeks…I see some women-friendly plays, plays with parts that the five of us have always wanted to play and plays with no or little sets high on the list.<G>  Any suggestions?

Time to start thinking about our veggie garden and deck garden and what to plant this year.  We are also looking at ways to keep down the weeds and wildflowers that abound in our veggie garden (the veggie garden was a wildflower garden on and off for a few years and all tilling does is help plant the wildflower seeds that appear every year).  The soil is so good there that the weeds and wildflowers thrive as well as do the veggies…and no amount of weeding can keep the veggies visible.  So, it is research time again!


One Response to “Hump day…”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Was thinking of more shows (because that’s my happy place!) and today went to shows in which I was somehow involved in college and enjoyed and might work for WSP. If people don’t mind learning RP British accents (and I can dialect coach ’cause that’s what I did the first time), a lovely show with mostly women is “Enchanted April”. One woman also needs to speak Italian, but I took a year of that too. Not suggesting this show because I can be a part of it…I mostly just think it’s a beautiful show with well-crafted female roles and slightly out-of-touch, but ultimately lovable male roles. It doesn’t even really need that much in terms of set. If people don’t mind learning Irish accents (of which I’m a little less familiar, as I did props this time) another show of similar quality is “Dancing At Lughnasa”. Just a couple more ideas to mill around in that theatre-loving head of yours! 😉

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