20 lemons later…

April 13, 2010

A good friend of mine used “20 lemons later” as the subject of an email and for some reason, I just LOVE it!  What a great book title for an entertainer’s autobiography or a car manufacturer or …?  Just makes me smile.  Of course, her email was about picking lemons from a lemon tree and making yummy desserts therefrom.

Another topic of an email discussion with friends was what is blooming where now…I know in Missouri, the dogwoods and lilacs are in bloom…in Arkansas, it is azalea and irises.  In my Massachusetts neighborhood, the daffodils are prolific, as is the forsythia…the fruit trees are just bursting from swollen bud to bloom (sounds kinda sexy, doesn’t it?)…and still that lawn grows unmown…hus decided, rightly, that it was more important to play 36 holes of golf with his friends…maybe today?

Have you ever acted in a show during the regular season, then performed an abbreviated version at festival?  We had our first readthrough last night of the cut-down version of The Dixie Swim Club that we are taking to EMACT Festival 2010 (there will be more cutting to come, as well as adding back a couple of things)…interesting to read from the script a month after the show closed…will I be able to make it fresh?  We have a video of one of our performances that we can look at for ideas of what NOT to do.<G>  The beginning of a new adventure.

Speaking of Washington Street Players, I can’t wait to see our next production, Tom Topor’s Nuts


One Response to “20 lemons later…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I think “20 Lemons Later” sounds like a great title to a book about overcoming adversity!

    My cherry tree is a few days away from full bloom – it’s ornamental so all I get is the blossoms in spring, but they are stunning!

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