April 9, 2010

It is Friday, work is done, I have already drunk half of my Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade and life is good.

Watching ESPN’s coverage of the Masters…boring, so far…the coverage, I mean, not the golf…I tried to set the DVR to record, as hus is winging his way home as we speak…fingers crossed…

Brrrr…it was in the mid-90s one day this week…today, I had to run around closing all the windows because it is really COLD!!!!  Fingers crossed there is sunshine in my weekend future…

Need to finish our taxes…

Can’t blame it on fever this time…I’m having really weird dreams again…I had one that awoke me in the wee hours…I watched some innocuous TV program for a while, fell asleep again, had another whopper and woke up disoriented and late…hmmmm…I’m just not used to having crazy dreams for so long…


One Response to “Ahhhh…”

  1. Lynna, we were just on a boat with some people from Augusta….they rented their house out for the time of the masters and paid for an entire trip to Kauai…wild, huh. PS..neptune is transiting pisces…that makes for strong dreaming…good sign. love you.

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