Let the sunshine in…

April 2, 2010

I hear tell that the sun will shine today…oh, please let it be true…

My children’s generation of cousins is roaring into marrying age…many are now in their 20s…and there are LOTS of them.  With the institution of family reunions, my mom made sure that we all knew our cousins and our kids knew their cousins.   One of my nieces (I can never say that any one of them is my favorite niece, as all my nieces are my favorites…same with my nephews) just announced her engagement on Facebook…which brings me to some really tough decisions ahead…how do I go to some weddings and not others?  My family is scattered all over the country and we know that weddings will also be scattered.  There is just no way to be at all the weddings…so how do I justify what weddings I attend and which I miss…how do I ensure that the brides/grooms whose weddings I miss know that I love them dearly and will be there in spirit, if not in body…

What is the best wedding gift you received?

Finally, let us all rejoice that it is FRIDAY!!!!!  Life is good.  And the sun will shine…

Hippie wedding

Hippie wedding 1975

P.S.  Niece just let us Fools know that her Facebook announcement was an April Fool’s joke…ha ha ha!<G>  However, the above questions still stand.


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