April Fool’s Day, no joke…

April 1, 2010

I am NOT one for April Fool’s jokes.

Watching Morning Joe, LOVED the footage of the American women playing the Mexican women in soccer in Utah as it snowed!  Instead of celebrating with slip-and-slide stomach glides, the American’s celebrated the game winning goal with snow angels!

The rain has stopped in our neck of the woods.  I know there will come a day that I will be glad for a rainy day, but not right now.  You know when people like us (who have never had water issues before) are seeing water where it doesn’t belong, people who live near water or in a flood plain are completely underwater.  ICK…reminds me of when our son was a brand newborn and we were renting a furnished house in Barrington, RI…all our own furniture was stored in the basement…we had one of these massive rain events and when I went downstairs to do a load of laundry (barefoot, I might add, without turning on the light)and stepped into a foot of cold, icky water.  HORRORS!!!

It is supposed to be sunny from this afternoon into next week…maybe even near 80 degrees on Saturday!!!  The road repair people will be glad to have sunny days for working…all this rain has wreaked (wrought?) havoc with our roads…interstates down to back roads, rushing water erodes already potholed asphalt, making it really dangerous to vehicles driving on those roads.  Makes commuting more than a little slow…

FOUR herons!  There are now four herons perched on the enormous nests at the top of the trees in the swamp…don’t know if they have already laid eggs or if they are just staking their claim to the nests…makes that part of my commute a twice daily wonder…


One Response to “April Fool’s Day, no joke…”

  1. karen Says:

    My son is one of those with water in his house. He just bought the house in November. He’s very disappointed.

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