Dumpster days…

March 27, 2010

We have a dumpster in our driveway!!!!  Hus has been home for a while and has done an amazing job of organizing and tidying and decluttering.  That, coupled with the amount of JUNK we have accumulated in our basement and attic led us to take advantage of a local dumpster rental outfit’s Weekend Special.  So, as soon as we have finished watching Antiques Roadshow UK, we are sallying forth to fill the maw of the dumpster beast.  Fun!

I got a HUGE and wonderful surprise on my way home from work yesterday.  The herons are back!!!  Well, at least three of them…they weren’t there Thursday, then poof! on Friday.  I am so looking forward to the next few months over the swamp…maybe another batch of heron babies to be hatched?

And, let’s end today’s post with another weird dream from which I awoke this morning…my sister and I were somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, attending some event or another.  When it was time to go home, we left the car there, I hopped my bicycle and sis started walking.  Suddenly, sis had a bike, too (she says she asked her then-husband to send her bike) and we headed for home.  The road went through stores and barns and then suddenly, we were peddling through old-time European countryside…probably Onkerzele, Belgium, where I spent the year between high school and university…those huge Belgian draft horses with muddy fetlocks pulled carts full of sugar beets past our house every evening…at any rate, we peddled through old-timey countryside…the road dead ended into a cavern of huge stones that we picked our way through, it as part of a farmyard with chickens and mud.  We ended up at a dead end and sat to reconnoiter.  As we started to climb back out, I woke up!  Strange, strange dreams.  And to remember them is also strange…it usually happens to me in strings of nights, as it has been…then I won’t have a memorable dream in ages.  So I guess I should enjoy them while I have them.


One Response to “Dumpster days…”

  1. Marcia Says:

    When we moved to Virginia and didn’t have a basement for the first time in our lives I didn’t know how we would manage. Where would we store things, where would we put all the mementos we “had” to save, where would we put the things that we didn’t need anymore but were too good to throw out for that someday in the future (non-existent) garage sale or trips to Goodwill. After a period of adjustment, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me—–since I didn’t have space to collect junk, I didn’t collect it! When you just have some limited closet and garage space and that’s IT, you actually MAKE those trips to Goodwill several times a year and make peace with the fact that you are never, ever going to have a yard sale. So I’ve now transitioned into the “I never want a basement again” mindset. We do have an attic here and apparently the previous owners had it packed so tight you could barely even make it from one end to the other, but so far we haven’t even ventured up there and I hope we never do.

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