What a night…

March 26, 2010

When I had crazy fever dreams a couple of weekends ago, I completely understood.  But last night?  Sure, I watched Syracuse lose, then watched Kansas State need double overtime to defeat plucky Xavier, then fell asleep…but swimming with a cow????  I dreamt that I swam from Boston to our house on the coast of Maine…not alone, of course, that wouldn’t be safe.  No, I swam with a cow and a series of sisters and friends.  I swam through big building construction sites, through swanky hotels (occasionally dead ending in a hall and having to find my way out, keeping in mind we had to fit me AND the cow), with the occasional shark and construction worker and warm ocean waters and waves and islands of huge rocks…I can’t tell you exactly who swam with me, other than the cow.  Sometimes I rode the cow like a boat, but still paddling with my arms…hours and hours I swam…the stamina I had as a child, when I could swim forever…


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