What a weekend…

March 21, 2010

Oh, it was a glorious Saturday and we did very little (which contributed to its gloriousness)…we walked the back forty half acre, checked out the budding fruit trees (lots of buds this year)…no sign of asparagus yet, roses need trimming, bulbs and lilies desperately need raking, all the beds need cleaning…trellises took a hit this winter, so repairs are needed.  The veggie garden is mud, mud, muddy…can’t even set foot in it yet.  The worst part is looking at the damage to the clapboard siding on our house…the nails are all popping out, some of the boards are warped…I believe I see a huge repair and repaint project this spring…sigh…it is always something.  I did get my hands dirty, weeding here and there, but most of our outdoor time was spent realizing how much work there is to do.

I was also stalking my daughter yesterday…I’m almost embarrassed to admit it…but it is her fault.  She was at a FitBloggin’ conference in Baltimore and tweeted and blogged all day.  It was so interesting to watch other people’s reaction to my daughter.  I am obviously besotted with her and think she is the most amazing, talented, creative young lady out there.  But through Twitter, I was able to see how she works and what she knows and read what other people think of her and it is amazing.

It is time once again to put together our 2010-2011 community theater season…wonder what people would like to see and what actors would like to be in…because we now have to pay a pretty hefty rental on our rehearsal/performance space, we are having a hard time making ends meet…so, do we do two shows and a gala fundraiser?  Three shows?  A musical?  So hard to be a small community theater group with big ideas and ideals.<G>  Has anybody seen any smallish cast (not too many men in the cast), simple/single set shows lately that inspired you, entertained you?  A multigenerational musical, both cast and audience?

Mmmm…sun is shining on the back of my head as I type this…warm, cozy…making me sleepy…


One Response to “What a weekend…”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Hey Lynna,

    If you’re thinking about a multi-generational musical, how about something where some of the parts that are written as males can be played by females, such as “Seussical” (Cat in the Hat, Jojo) or “Little Shop of Horrors (Mushnik, others); or for a non-multi-generational musical with a really simple set maybe do a cabaret-style show like “Songs for a New World” (does have a bit of cursing in) or “Closer Than Ever” where you can cast the required 4 people or more and dole out solos as you see fit? With this latter group you can put round tables in the audience with chairs around and put crackers and cheese or cookies out and treat it like a real cabaret night. “Closer Than Ever” was the last show we ever did at my synagogue growing up, and we did it like that fairly successfully, I think. I will keep thinking of ideas and pass them along as I do.


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